10 September, 2006

For the Hidden Flower

just copy from my email..ader sahabat yg kasi..terima kasih buat dirinya

For the Hidden Flower,

Once again,
The flower that bloomed,
Let it bloom again.

Make it glitter,
Much much more than before,
As I know the very best in you,
Put it out front,
Let Allah reward you,
On what you deserve to be,
And to have surely.

Be yourself again,
Let the dignity mushroom again,
Let the kindness feel your soul,
Let the heart cry in fall,
To the feet of obedience,
When you talk to Him,
In night of peaceful darkness,
Before Him you confess,
With tears running down,
From your fair cheek,
O Allah, please forgive me.

O my flower,
This very moment,
I step out from the forbidden garden,
To let my flower to grow,
To be glitter, to bloom,
In its way.
Far from any men,
Who are willing to pluck,
The beauty of my flower.

In every soul of kings,
They have their forbidden garden,
Only for them,
And for the King of the kings,
He also has His forbidden one,
And it is what He said as:

I am a man of my word,
Keep my words with you,
And I'll come to you.


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